How we've helped others...

Saving for college?

Having recently paid off their own student loans, two parents needed to catch up on saving for their kids’ college as well as their own retirement. We helped them implement an automated savings plan that addresses their goals in a tax-efficient way — and is almost effortlessly allowing them to meet their objectives.

Retired or approaching retirement?

After an initial assessment, we quickly realized that a retired couple was drawing inefficiently from their investment accounts. We helped them build a better distribution policy that saves them nearly $9,000 a year in taxes.

Own your own business?

The owners of a small business were tired of staying up late to do their bookkeeping. We took this over so they could focus on running their business — and on making time for

family. We now prepare their tax returns as well, and the clients are saving time and money because we are starting with professionally prepared financial statements.

Ready to sell your business?

Another couple wanted to sell their business, which had been in the family for several decades, to their son and daughter-in-law. We helped them structure the transaction in a way that was tax-efficient, fair to both sides, and met everyone’s long- term goals.

Tax bills got you down?

Our clients had a large tax bill, and at tax preparation time they had to sit for hours with their previous accountant. We now work with them throughout the year, so tax time is far simpler. This approach doesn’t cost more, and the clients have peace of mind knowing that we’re catching every opportunity to reduce their taxes and manage their liability in a proactive way.


The U.S. Supreme Court Building — constructed of Vermont marble.


Together we clarify and prioritize all of your financial goals and the steps needed to achieve them. By working together to outline a specific path to meet each goal over a specific timeline, you will always know whether you are on track. 


We collaborate closely as a team of investment and tax professionals, working together to achieve your goals. As appropriate, we also work with attorneys and insurance agents to ensure your plans are implemented as designed. 


Having a clear, coordinated financial plan and tax strategy gives you peace of mind. Knowing you're on track to achieve  your goals allows you to focus more on the things you enjoy doing  living your life.