April 1, 2020

Just weeks into the new decade, the financial prosperity and tranquility that had prevailed for most of the previous decade was shattered. The culprit was none of the risks pondered so often and by so many; not military conflict nor a trade war, not too much debt nor another financial crisis. A novel coronavirus called COVID-19 originating from inland China has brought the global economy to a near standstill and sent financial markets tumbling. No part of the globe has been spared, and stock markets around the world have fallen by at least 20%.

As stunning as the magnitude of the drop in stock values has been, the speed with which it all happened was unprecedented. After reaching an all-time high February 12, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 20% in just 20 trading days, the fastest ever plunge into a “bear market” and nearly twice as fast as in 1929. The index then proceeded to fal...

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