January 5, 2017

No year ever demonstrated better than 2016 the most important principle of investing – no one can predict the short-term direction of the stock market and the best way to make money in the long-term is to stay invested. The year offered nervous investors numerous opportunities to bail out of stocks, and many did. After the Dow dropped 1200 points (7%) in the first week of 2016 – the worst ever start to a year – many analysts predicted a crash. Donald Trump himself said that stocks were in a bubble, and Mad Money’s Jim Cramer agreed. But as so often happens, the markets regained their footing, at least until Brexit triggered the next crisis of confidence. Once again, markets bounced back quickly. Then came the election. As investors eyed what was arguably the most discouraging presidential campaign in history, the market trended downward.

That brings us to the fourth quarter, when sudden...

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